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All Access Experience!



All Access Experience!

Have you ever wondered where to get HOT pit passes and where they are sold?


Well, the bad news is you can't buy pit passes, they are only given to sponsors complimentary on behalf of the teams from NASCAR. The good news is, here at RDS we have made sponsorship more affordable than ever with packages available under $500, all of which come with Official NASCAR Pit & Garage Passes.

By becoming a sponsor you are given a pass into the world of NASCAR for race week along with having your name or logo traveling around the track at 180 MPH during the race. These passes are as VIP as you can have in the world of motor sports. You will be given access to the garages, haulers, and even pit road for the race. And endless chances to see and met the stars that you have only seen on TV in the past. These passes are good for all of your series events including practice, qualifying, and the race. So as soon as the garages open, you will be part of the action!


I bought a package, now what?

Once you have purchased a package we will need to collect your credential information. This information will be submitted to NASCAR for approval of your pit & garage pass. All information needs to be emailed to 6 days before the race or there will be late entry charges. Below is the information needed for each pass.

Pit Pass Credential Information:

* First and Last Name on License

* Cell Phone Number

* Email

Now What?  

Now that you have purchased your package and submitted all of your information, its time to start planning your adventure. Our website has all the information you will need to know exactly what to expect with your pit pass sponsorship experience. To see when your access will begin just visit our GARAGE SCHEDULE page to see when the garages open, because that's when your access begins. You will also see all the different times for practice, qualifying, and the race. To see where you pick up your passes just visit our PASS PICK-UP LOCATION page and you will see maps for the NASCAR credential office.

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