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RDS has compiled the most frequently asked questions that we get week in and week out. Read over this section and you will know all the basics of our programs and sponsorship.

Refund Policy

All Sales are final. We do not offer refunds and hot/cold pit passes are non transferable once registration is complete . We will let you switch races and attendants up to 6 days before the race.

Is RDS affiliated with NASCAR or the tracks?

No, RDS is not affiliated with either NASCAR or the Speedways. RDS is a marketing company that has contracts with multiple teams in multiple series of NASCAR. We represent them in the effort to help them gain sponsorship dollars through our many different sponsorship avenues.

How do you become a fan or micro sponsor?

This is a very simple process for fan and micro sponsorship, all we need to do is collect a payment and your information (NAME, CELL PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL). Then we submit your information to NASCAR in the days leading up to the race and you go in and pick up your hot/cold pit & garage pass. For micro sponsorship, you will need to email your logo into for approval. 

What is a HOT Pass Credential?

SEL (Single Event License) Credentials are used by NASCAR to provide Sponsor unlimited access to the race. All Packages and Sponsorship through RDS comes with a NASCAR Sponsor Credentials (SEL), which makes the purchaser an official NASCAR Sponsor. 

What information will you need from me?

We need your NAME, EMAIL, and CELL NUMBER for each person attending the race, and each person information needs to be different. This information will be submitted to NASCAR for registration and needs to be sent to after purchase. 

Why dose RDS need this information?

NASCAR requires all this information to be approved for credentials. All information provided will only be used to obtain credential access to the race. Purchasers must have the ID present to pick up their pass.

Where do I pick up my Pit Pass from?

Passes need to be picked up at the NASCAR Credential trailers, NOT WILL CALL, NOT TRACK CREDENTIALS OFFICE. We have provided all the maps to the credentials office on our "Pit Pass Pick-Up" page. Also, there will be signs around the track pointing you in the right direction and if you still can't find it just ask any parking attendant. 

When can I pick up my pass?

You are able to pick up your pass as soon as the garages open. Just visit our page "Garage Schedule" to get a list of dates and times for every race. NASCAR does not post official credential hours for each race but they usually follow around a 9 to 5 schedule, and close while the race is going on.  

What car will my logo be on?

For our fan sponsorship your name will be on our decal on our car at the Homestead race, what car will depend on availability and at our discretion. For micro, associate, or primary sponsorship, the car will be defined in the sponsorship contract. 

Where will my logo be located on the Car?

Location of decal is at the teams discretion, however it tends to be placed on the hood or deck lid of car/truck. For micro, associate, or primary sponsorship the placement will be defined in the sponsorship contract.

Can I use my Company to be the fan sponsor?

Yes, individuals or companies both have the right to buy this package as long as they pass NASCAR guidelines. 

Is this considered advertising, and can be used as a company write off?


What graphic can I use?

Purchasers have the right to use any graphic they would like as long as it follows the rules of NASCAR and RDS. Common sense: Keep it PG!

What happens if the logo I submit does not get approved?

RDS will design a special logo that says "Sponsored by" than list the names on the credentials.

What access do I get with NASCAR Xfinity Series Pit Pass Credential?

You will have access to practice, qualifying, and race for NASCAR Xfinity Series Race. If there is a Gander Series event in the same location and before the Nationwide Event you will also be granted to access to their event as well. 

What access do I get with NASCAR Monster Energy Series Pit Pass Credential?

You will have access to practice, qualifying, and race for NASCAR Monster Energy Series Race. If there is a Xfinity or Gander Series event in the same location you will also be granted to access to their event as well.

What are the rules for the event?

RULES: You must be 18 years of age, or 16 accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do offer minor passes and you can get one FREE for every adult pass purchased. For a list of all rules visit our "Pit Pass rules and Tips" page. 

What can I wear and bring with me?

NASCAR has loosened their dress code policy to allow shorts and flip flops, but we recommend you to wear something comfortable but suitable for the environment. It is hard to get out of the way of these cars in flip flops. You are allowed to bring a small cooler, fold up chairs, cameras, scanners, and die cast cars for autographs. You can NOT bring alcohol!

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