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ASSOCIATE Sponsorship


Passes are good for 2 to 4 full days of Unlimited Access to Garages, Haulers, and Pit Road for your series Practices, Qualifying, and the Race!

1 - Co-Op where your money is pooled with a larger sponsor. 

Fan Experience

*  Meet all of your favorite Drivers

*  Get Autographs and Pictures

*  Watch the Race from Pit Row

*  Get a behind the scenes look at NASCAR

 * Be an Official Sponsor of a NASCAR team!


RDS's Associate Sponsorship package was created to let race fans see the inside world of NASCAR and see what it feels like to be an actual sponsor. And being a sponsor, you will receive a complimentary "Hot" pit and garage pass that will make you part of the team for the race weekend. Your pass will give you unlimited access to your series events and give you a behind the scenes look into professional motorsports. You will have a chance to see all the top drivers up close and personal, along with meeting them and getting pictures and autographs. As soon as the teams park their haulers at the track and the garages open, your access starts. You will have access to your series garages, haulers, and pit road for practices, qualifying, and the race. And if your team wins the race, celebrate in style in victory lane!

Along with having an amazing experience, you will know that your money will go towards helping out underfunded teams with racing expenses like tires, crew cost, hotels, and travel.

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