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Pit Pass Rules & Tips

Rules Listed on Pit Pass:

*  Please Display this pass at All Times.

*  This pass must be accompanied by Photo I.D. at all times.

*  The issuer is not responsible if lost or stolen.

*  The bearer of this pass must comply with the NASCAR policy for minors in the NASCAR garage.

*  The bearer of this pass must comply with NASCAR Dress Code for the garage and pit areas.

*  Please stay in pedestrian areas and obey the NASCAR Officials .

*  The decision of the NASCAR Officials in final.

*  This Pass is Non-Transferable and is revocable at any time.

*  Duplication of this pass is prohibited, and is punishable by law.

*  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the garage or pit areas.

Pit & Garage Pass Tips:

*  Watch where you are going! These passes give you up close and personal access so you will be around cars and crew that are moving fast. And the golden rule is, if you are not in anyone's way, you will not get run over.   

*  Buy yourself a lanyard to place your pit pass into and wear around your neck, this will allow you to walk around freely without having to stop at every area to show your pass to NASCAR officials. You can pick one up at any of the NASCAR gift shops around the track or online for less than $10.

*  Slide your I.D into the lanyard so you have all your information in one place if you happened to get stopped.

*  Make sure you do not lose your pass, if lost we will have to have the team send in new information to NASCAR and you will have to pay a LARGE FEE to get it replaced.

*  You can walk up and look into the garages but do not go inside of them, teams will be working and you will get in their way.

*  You can walk around the haulers but never go inside any of them, even the team's hauler that issued you the pass.

*  NASCAR has loosened their dress code policy so you can wear what you would like but we advise you to wear something comfortable and make sure you wear sneakers.

*  Always listen to the NASCAR officials at the track, they are there to direct people and they have the final say on whether you keep your unlimited access.

*  The best place to meet drivers and get autographs will be when the drivers are not in a hurry, after practice is always the best time to catch them. Check out our page Garage Schedule which has the event schedule and all the practice times on it. And being courteous and polite with the driver will get you everywhere.  

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